Coffee Facts – No.1

Coffee Facts - 1 Many people from all over the world have come under coffee’s delicious spell, and this love for a good brew has been represented in countless memes, movies, TV shows, books, poems and even classical music!  And all supposedly from the legend of Kaldi, a 9th-century Ethiopian goatherd discovering coffee after noticing his goats becoming hyperactive after grazing on some bright red berries. Kaldi tried these red berries himself and the exhilarating effects of coffee became clear to him. As a multi-award winning coffee roaster, and with coffee being my passion, I've put...

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The Espresso Bar

Maize Street Roasters cafe logo with text and coffee cup icon

I've been asked a few times whether I have owned a cafe prior to Maize Street Roasters. I opened an Espresso Bar in Sandgate a few years back (which is still going today – having been re-opened by the new tenant in the building I was leasing part of). At a party, I was telling a few (true) stories about my experience at the Espresso Bar due to its location and a good friend suggested I should write a book on it. I started writing, and as happens, life/work/everything got in the way. Recently I found my 'jottings' and instead of sending them to the trash bin I thought I would share a...

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